I... I just want to be found. I'm tired of this existing. I want to live. Please find me, help me, guide me... Push if you have to. Don't let me standstill anymore.
I made a little change in my avatar (appearence, and that is number one on my WTF list) XD
But shortly before it i caught a small flu. And as it started to subside, it subsided to my bowels. So now it's a stomach flu. And while i'm spending some quality time with my Silent Friend, i suddenly feel like Guarana that i took against the flu like 3 days ago, kicked in. And just as before i feel high on it, as it speeds up my thinking process without adding some intelect =( Now usually i would just brag about how bad i feel and all. But i suddenly don't feel like it...

Number two on my WTF list is my very first YouTube video, which is totally lame. I never thought that it would be good, and it isn't. I just hope that it served the role it was meant to.

Number three on my WTF list, is my seemingly bad looking achievment on drawing faces of three Mary Siu characters from Naruto.

And on my To-do list is complete that thing with avatar so i could go say to my like dad and scare the shit out of him XD Or anyone else for that matter. XD XD XD
Or whatever he said that he give me as a present. I have no idea what that would be though.

Oh oh and one more thing, while suffering from erm... Insomnia, which were caused by anti-flu medicine (and not by my sleeping disorder (i swear Grave!)), i found that crazy show of Smoking Gun - about the Worlds Dumbest. And gosh was i laughing XD

About me being High - i think that if i would feel this way everytime i say going to the erm lessons or studying i wouldn't fail as much. Cuz i feel like i can turn the world upside down. Without hallucinations and voices XD

Oh and the last thing. Imagine that i had a few Deja viu recently... Now i don't remeber where did i read about them being a good sigh or something, but i wish i could like see them more often with more answers rather than just a cool thing XD Is it a lot to ask for?
On the other hand, it may very well be, cuz i allways were asking for something kinda too big.

I mean power and stuff, and recent edition - passing the exams. Well sure if Rio (the older one( as in Elder)) doesn't actually exist, then i'm just shaking air? But i mean c'mon! There is other Me out there, i know that, cuz i've seen them, talked to them, Been them. Why there won't be a Kind Elder that wouldn't turn down a little request from his foolish younger other self. T_T

Wouldn't it would be better to say just Tell me NO, rather than make me have all that naive thinking? Solid reality allways kicks ass of people like me!
Well sure i got my ass kicked by my good, caring "special someone" :eyebrow: But what about reality itself? Gosh!
Oh well, i'm getting all worked up over nothing again. Very well, let's just hope that my almost drastic change will affect other areas. Like my teeth for example.
Or my ehhhh lemonade belly XD
Or gosh! my other life XD

P.S. Almost forgot! XD My other Moscow-occupied friend showed me some blog which had russian translated Konoha High School. I found it later at Deviantart. It's Spanish origin i think.... Now this is something XD
Read it if you haven't yet.

And GOSH they made some crrrrazy ending for naruto episode - Bacchikoi! Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it XDDDDDDD:peshi:

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