I... I just want to be found. I'm tired of this existing. I want to live. Please find me, help me, guide me... Push if you have to. Don't let me standstill anymore.
"Order in Chaos" - something that hard to understand, but what makes perfect sense when you do.
Imagine that your duty is restoring that order - every ten years.
In between there are ten years of life, with it's own problems, memories, and friends.
But this duty is difficult as it is. Because in order to restore order, you must go to the center of the world - which is very hard.
On your path an evil awaits.
However to restore order all you need to do is yell a word - Romemualdino.
Then world of chaos will restore itself, and ten years from now - it will break again.
And also every ten years you meet your friends, all of them, slowly getting older. Time is cruel to them.
You know, deep inside your mind that eventually the will not come to this meeting. And you, bound by your duty will remain in this world, until you will bring your child in this world to pass it on.
Ten years.
============== Dream ended.
This couple is yelling again. I wonder why.
They have such a nice little girl with them. But it seems that she is a problem to them. The couple in the first row have a boy. Same age. And they seems okay.
What the? Our plane, it fell! There are dead people around me. But i'm unharmed? I hear cries, a baby from the first row.
Baby is safe, but the father is dead.

"Yes later i found out, that the reason for our crash was negligence of the pilots. But at that moment i didn't knew it. I mean i found out about it after i left the hospital, the second time."
Different plane, same people.
That couple from the row on the left is not arguing anymore. I wonder why.
Hmm i should sit infront, near that widow. Huh? Those people discussing her?
Wait that is a girl in her hands!
I get it that couple switched the babies! He wanted a boy... There everything back as it was. Huh?
"That woman she killed her husband in that plane crash! Because he said that phrase: "I could pilot a plane even better""
"You know that's a good idea" - said weird guy from the first row.
The cockpit is open, and the pilots aren't there!
-Somebody stop him!!!!!! - i yell extending my hand to grab him.
Plane crashed.
Everyone except me is dead. And i feel responsible.
If i stopped that guy they would've been alive.
Photos. That girl? That baby girl? I... I'm her foster father? She grew up to be a real beauty.
=============== Dream ended.

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