I... I just want to be found. I'm tired of this existing. I want to live. Please find me, help me, guide me... Push if you have to. Don't let me standstill anymore.
I had a very unusual dream sometime ago.
I should've documented it right away but i kinda wasn't quite there at that moment.

It was something like a game - quest even, mixed with something like first-person shooter ('xcept i had no gun).
Quest was actually very cryptic. It had an idea of antient antcient very old (dmmt) ritual.
Ritual to gain some very disturbing magic power.
In order to perform said ritual, you had to gather several golden spheres. That will represent planets, and Sun as well.
And it was basically corelated with Planet Parade.
However during search for clues i found another version of said ritual, featuring "household" items, like press-papie, some very cool key with a castle on the other end, small castle. Some diamod cufflinks or something and so on.
Then... Just as i found one of the golden spheres, i had an encounter with an enemy. Giant, powerful and very determined to umm inflict some harm on me.
I kinda tried to defend myself, to no avail. Until i cornered myself in the watercloset.
And thats when things got - very odd.
I grabbed the cover of the toilet bowl (?) not the seat cover that thing that goes on that thing that holds the water to flu... Well you get the idea.
And i kinda figure out that this thing is like the ultimate weapon - if i get good hold of it that is. Huh - how nice small hole to get a grip appeared after i hit that guy.
And thats when i get a jolt - i see a glimpse of the Villian - the Big Bad. He started the ritual, and i got affected.
I hold this cover very tightly and i began laughing.
And this laugh, is creepy. It's kinda "I'm gonna beat you up with your kidney stones, and then i'll choke you with your sphincter" kind of laugh, not the "I'm watching Robin Williams make jokes about Drugs".
I laugh the whole time, and i think.... that if anyone could see me that time they would run the hell away from me cuz well i was creepy.
I started beating him on the head, and i see a health bar over his head, and numbers in red and orange pop up with each hit. And i kinda realise that - couple more hits and i... i kill him...
But i kinda avoided that, i just knocked him uncouncious.
But after that i don't stop laughing, ohhh no. I keep on going, and i have a thought in the back of my mind that... i kinda blew the quest and i get unhappy ending here.
And not cuz i'm laughing my brains off, but cuz i didn't performed the ritual myself.
But i move the Big Bad anyway. Realising that place where i am looks a lot like Asylum.... And guess who met me in the Ritual room?
And not the ones you saw on TV. Sorta like mix of French (i think it was French) fan made Joker, and some other one. In other words - Joker that kills, and not with laughing gas.
I even get a glimps of Harley, in some dungeon.
The whole time i standing there looking at him, i can't stop laughing. I felt so liberated, i felt myself to be out of the realm or reason.
I laughed like an insane, kinda like him.
And then cinematics rolled in and i aborted them cuz i knew it's going to be unhappy ending.
But before i could "reload" previous "save" i woke up.

I wrote this down, and went the the computer. I kinda laughed a little, and even giggled.
But that feeling, it was very different. It wasn't a nightmare, it was something else.
Maybe i'm wrong, cuz that thought occured to me only now.
But what if, not the "Crossing the Threshold" is the biggest threat for those who wishes to wake up in a dream and take it over.
What if it's ........

But then again... I had been known to um... stuff my feelings in, cuz if i don't do that i kinda turn into a freak. At least that's what i think it is, i kinda have no one to confirm that. It would've been different if i had... Well nevermind.
In any case, i wrote down that if i ever return to that dream, which apparently CAN happen - i should go for a good or even the Best Ending. And Save them, whoever they are.
Find all spheres, or items, and perform the ritual to counteract effects. And probably kick his ass...
Since you know i haven't seen Batman there...

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