I... I just want to be found. I'm tired of this existing. I want to live. Please find me, help me, guide me... Push if you have to. Don't let me standstill anymore.
"I don't have that Spark"

Such hopelsess guy, isn't he?
Allways talking with himself, trying to fill that huge gap inside. Even if he knew it's impossible.
He have faith, that only "She" or should i say "They" can fill it. He desperate to find them, or her - in the first place.
His parents keep saying - "Do you have any idea, what your future will be? You should do something!"
However they don't understand. Without that "Spark" he won't be able to do anything. He still crying sometimes... This tears not blood, but once they will it would be a step forward.
His tears... they hurt me too. But he allways hiding them, behind black glasses, behind smile, behind stupidity. No one ever saw his face, cuz he hides it - in that gap.
Sure, there is some people who understand his real feelings. But they can't fill that gap of his. They're just not enough of them.
Because of that he desperate to assist them, and don't think of himself.

And "She" - well. He saw her in his dreams. And each time after that, his gap was shrinked a little. I never thought that humans have that kind of emotional powers. Sad that he can't use them on his will.
Anyway... He want's to be found. By her or them doesn't matter.
Casper aka Venus. Axel. Alisa. Maybe even Mic.
Rio will do too. Cuz he can share his powers. I don't know why he thinks that someone like him - will be able to handle any problem if he had a power. Probably...
He was drifted too deep into That world. He can't remember if he saw him in dreams but he knows some stuff out of there.

I just hopes that someone will rescue him soon. Otherwise there won't be any future for him. And i'm not talking about end of his life.

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